Payroll accounting

Far more than just payroll accounting

For us, payroll accounting covers much more than just the preparation of salary statements: With the implementation of innovative software for payroll accounting and personnel management, we also ensure significant optimization of your business processes.

As a full-service tax consultancy firm, we are prepared take on all your payroll accounting tasks - from monthly payroll accounting and special evaluations to participation in wage tax and social security audits. We are also able to advise you on continually changing wage tax and social security regulations.

Above all, however, we also ensure significantly more efficient processes in your company - by setting up powerful software for payroll accounting and personnel management.

Our range of services in the area of payroll accounting

  • Installation and digitalization of payroll accounting
  • Establishment of digital personnel management systems
  • Ongoing payroll accounting including travel expense accounting
  • Preparation of case-related certificates, notifications and applications
  • Special evaluations / statistics / reports
  • Preparation and support for audits (income tax, social security)

ATC – responsible, passionate, innovative.

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