Audit - transparent and risk-oriented

Legislators, business partners and investors place high demands on the transparency and risk management of your company. When auditing your finance and accounting system, we therefore focus on a risk-oriented analysis of your business processes - and the resulting optimization potential.

We understand a modern audit as a risk-oriented and business process-related audit, which enables you - top management - to shape your success with greater focus.

Within the framework of a holistic business management approach and with the help of the latest auditing software, we analyze your finance and accounting system and the processes on which it is based. In the process, our audit team gains a thorough understanding of your specific business model. For us as auditors, this knowledge provides a form foundation to show you, as a trusted partner, how you can further optimize your business processes.

Our range of services in the field of auditing

  • Examination of various legal forms
  • Statutory and voluntary audits of financial statements
  • Audit review / limited review of financial statements
  • Review of Reporting Packages
  • Audit of early risk detection systems
  • Review of industry-specific accounting standards
  • Audit of financial statements according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Examination in accordance with the Brokers and Developers Ordinance (MaBV)
  • Tests according to the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG)
  • Audit of the use of funds (public funding / EU grants)
  • Section 53 Budgetary Principles Act (HGrG)
  • Special audits in accordance with the AktG, GmbHG, UmwG (e.g. foundations, conversion, sham contributions, capital measures)
  • Financial due diligence
  • Remediation expert opinion according to IDW S6
  • Embezzlement checks
  • Other specialized audits

ATC – responsible, passionate, innovative.

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